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What are H&M 's services in London ?


What do you think about H&M (London) ?

Abdulrahman A.,theDir
  • by Abdulrahman A.
  • |
  • 25th November, 2020

Will you recommend this Clothes Shoes in London ?

Good fashion shop. We had to wait in a line before entering.

Christine P.,theDir
  • by Christine P.
  • |
  • 3rd November, 2020

What do you think about Clothes Shoes services provided in London ?

I was never a huge fan of h&m but in the last few years I've changed my mind with a few good pieces. I have brought things home and had them break instantly due to cheap material. While the stitching is okay the fabric is weak and can be easily torn or damaged. Not something I expect from Jean material. With Covid I feel some of the staff at this location have a bad attitude, I get it I've worked as a retail manager for years I know what you go through. Every cashier has been super friendly but the floor staff at the time need to speak to people a bit nicer. As a staff member you have to be kind to everyone especially when they are being polite to you.

Isabel T.,theDir
  • by Isabel T.
  • |
  • 22nd November, 2020

Did you like your visit with this Clothes Shoes in London ?

Tape on the floor to indicate how to move around the store was helpful. There was hand sanitizer at the entrance of the store, but I would have liked to see more throughout the store too. Great selection of clothes, found exactly what I was looking for and more. Staff were friendly, helpful, and okay with my request to remove some items after I saw my total cost. Love H&M

Kim L.,theDir
  • by Kim L.
  • |
  • 10th October, 2020

How did this Clothes Shoes served you in London ?

Very limited stock. Great prices. Not impressed. Only second time at this store

Max T.,theDir
  • by Max T.
  • |
  • 30th October, 2020

What could you say about Clothes Shoes services provided in London ?

The styles they have are starting to get much more sophisticated which I love. I wish the prices were a little better or more sales would happen though.

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