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Dani M.,theDir
  • by Dani M.
  • |
  • 21st November, 2020

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My experience with the team here was the best. From walking in & being greeted by Callie who is always upbeat & smiling to getting things started with Claudia who truly is the nicest person I have ever met & then getting to work with the physio therapist Nick Hannah who is a wealth of knowledge & knows how to relate to people one on one. I had a pretty severe back injury that I wasn't sure would be able to heal when I first arrived. But Nick was really great at setting my mind at ease from the beginning on that mindset & helped to shift my perspective. Nick was very patient with me from the start when I could do very, very little. He worked with me to develop a plan that we were able to change along the way as I started to heal. This was a refreshing approach from the traditional ways of just telling you what to do. Nick always took the time to listen to my concerns around my inury versus rushing through patients. He is really knowledgeable & great at explaining things so you can have a better understanding of what your body is doing. I really appreciated his patient/person centered approach which focuses not just on your injury but the bio, psycho social model as a whole. My back is healed & I am able to return to ''normal'' life again & that would not have been possible without this amazing team. I am forever grateful to each of them for helping me through a very difficult time. I HIGHLY recommend them. If you're willing to do the work to help yourself, this team will get you on track to meet your goals & get your life back. They rock!!

Jason L.,theDir
  • by Jason L.
  • |
  • 16th November, 2020

What do you think about Physiotherapist services provided in London ?

I am a repeat patient who received treatment for a lower back issue a few years ago after getting rear-ended and was quick to return when I hurt my shoulder this year. Nick and his team are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Nick has a great philosophy and was able to meet me where I was at to develop a flexible, personalized plan for rehab. Also, they billed my insurance directly, were easy to schedule appointments with, and validate parking. Overall, excellent physio experience during both my treatments. Thanks Nick and team!

julie r.,theDir
  • by julie r.
  • |
  • 30th November, 2020

Did you like your visit with this Physiotherapist in London ?

I went and was able to get support for back and shoulder pain. Taylor was super attentive and informative and I highly recommend them. Nice atmosphere with the ability to get all the tools you need to get fixed up!!

Ryley M.,theDir
  • by Ryley M.
  • |
  • 19th October, 2020

How did this Physiotherapist served you in London ?

I highly recommend coming here! Nick (Physiotherapist) and Evan (Massage Therapist) are both incredible at their jobs and listen to their patients needs. You will never feel like your issues have not been heard or taken into account. The front desk staff are also extremely friendly and helpful, which creates this locations welcoming atmosphere!

Tess A.,theDir
  • by Tess A.
  • |
  • 12th November, 2020

What could you say about Physiotherapist services provided in London ?

I moved to London for school this fall and when I started having pain in my arm while working out I decided I wanted to go to physio. I was looking to find a physiotherapist in London and found Old North Physiotherapy - pt Health. I am so glad I chose this physiotherapy clinic because right from my first session they worked more on exercises to help me get better rather than just putting a machine on me. There is a lot of work on strengthening the injured area to be able to get back to being better in no time. All the staff are very nice as well and create a great environment within the clinic.

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