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What are Gap Factory 's services in Toronto ?


What do you think about Gap Factory (Toronto) ?

Josie C.,theDir
  • by Josie C.
  • |
  • 12th September, 2020

Will you recommend Gap Factory in Toronto ?

Amazing prices and cleanliness

Mitzi R.,theDir
  • by Mitzi R.
  • |
  • 15th November, 2020

What do you think about Clothes Shoes services provided by Gap Factory in Toronto ?

I always find great deals. Signed up to get on the mailing list so that you can be notified of their sales. There's always a sale going on.

Moayad A.,theDir
  • by Moayad A.
  • |
  • 16th September, 2020

Did you like your visit with Gap Factory in Toronto ?

One of the best shops in Toronto! Their prices are really reasonable and the quality is not bad at all! I like GAP especially this particular store!

racquel C.,theDir
  • by racquel C.
  • |
  • 19th October, 2020

How did Gap Factory served you in Toronto ?

Love all the awesome deals I got today. 50% of clearance can't complain about the prices I eventually paid. Although I do find gap expensive in general, today was a good haul. If you in need of summer clothes for the kids or just some jeans for you now would be a good time to stock up.

Ron S.,theDir
  • by Ron S.
  • |
  • 19th July, 2020

What could you say about Clothes Shoes services provided by Gap Factory in Toronto ?

Really good deals to be found, but the selection can be a bit spotty. I buy something about once every 10 times I visit. Be warned that if you see something and you're not sure if you should buy it or not, buy it. I've shown up later the same day to purchase stuff I saw earlier (or the next day) and it is gone, never to be seen again. That's why I didn't give it 5 stars, this store doesn't account for my indecisiveness.

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