Thomas Hinds Tobacconist

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Quels sont les services de Thomas Hinds Tobacconist à Toronto ?


Que pensez-vous de Thomas Hinds Tobacconist (Toronto) ?

Ian C.,theDir
  • par Ian C.
  • |
  • 31st August, 2019

Recommandez-vous Thomas Hinds Tobacconist à Toronto ?

Any of the shop owners will help & give u the best smoke. Tell Ian sent you.

Kevin Z.,theDir
  • par Kevin Z.
  • |
  • 3rd October, 2019

Que pensez-vous des services de Tabac par Thomas Hinds Tobacconist à Toronto ?

The guy was pretty helpful, we had a great conversation!

Oscar C.,theDir
  • par Oscar C.
  • |
  • 20th November, 2020

Avez-vous aimé votre visite de Thomas Hinds Tobacconist à Toronto ?

This isn't my regular tobacconist. I had the itch to try other tobacconists and ventured here on a cold November day. The gentleman tending the store was knowledgeable and friendly. However, prices are not the best in Toronto and cigar selection is limited. Overall, if you're in the area, drop by and support this great brick and mortar store. If it's out of your way, it may not be worth the trip.

Syed Z.,theDir
  • par Syed Z.
  • |
  • 18th August, 2018

Comment Thomas Hinds Tobacconist vous à servi à Toronto ?

This is an excellent store for cigars and pipe tobaccos. I’m a cigar smoker, and decided to try out pipes. The proprietor and his assistant spent a good 45 mins with me explaining me in detail how pipes work. They gave me a demo / lesson as to how pipes are filled, how they’re cleaned etc. Both gentlemen were very patient, friendly and supportive. Really helped me get over my newbie intimidation of pipes. They have a very good collection of pipes and pipe tobacco. Not so high on pipe stands or carriers etc, mind you, but those can be ordered on amazon. If you need to park, there’s a parking garage 30 seconds walk from the store.

Tina R.,theDir
  • par Tina R.
  • |
  • 25th February, 2019

Que pouvez-vous nous dire à propos des services de Tabac offert par Thomas Hinds Tobacconist à Toronto ?

I have been a customer here for many years (five year anniversary!) and have nothing but excellent words for this establishment. The vibe is relaxing, they have a fantastic and wide variety of cigars to choose from and the people who run the shop are knowledgable of their products and patient (especially for a beginner in choosing cigars like me). For the quality of the cigars, the price is definitely fair.

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