The Smokin' Cigar Inc. (Authorized Habanos Specialist)

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What are The Smokin' Cigar Inc. (Authorized Habanos Specialist) 's services in Toronto ?


What do you think about The Smokin' Cigar Inc. (Authorized Habanos Specialist) (Toronto) ?

Alex C.,theDir
  • by Alex C.
  • |
  • 25th August, 2020

Will you recommend this Tobacco in Toronto ?

I have only just started getting into cigars and luxury tobacco. My first experience here was phenomenal. I explained that I was a novice before the tobacconist walked me into the humidor. He asked me what I have previously smoked and asked what flavors I look for in my smoking experience. He even asked if I'd be pairing my smoke with anything like coffee or whiskey. Truly a personal experience that I appreciate as I am in the sales industry. I bought a well rounded selection for a very reasonable price. I also bought a torch with a punch built in and they threw in a bottle of butane on the house. I will always come back to this place because they treat their customers right. If you're looking for a truly fantastic tobacco buying experience you needn't look further than The Smokin Cigar.

Bob G.,theDir
  • by Bob G.
  • |
  • 7th November, 2020

What do you think about Tobacco services provided in Toronto ?

What a great store. As you walk in you are greeted by the hint of cedar and cigars. Staff are excellent. If you don't know exactly what you want, they will ask you a few questions and then narrow down the selection. I've always got fresh cigars conditioned to the right humidity and temperature. I highly recommend a visit for cigars, humidors, and accessories.

Li C.,theDir
  • by Li C.
  • |
  • 8th July, 2020

Did you like your visit with this Tobacco in Toronto ?

Great place to buy good quality cigar. They keep track on the ones you like in their system and will give me calls when they get new stock on the specific cigars I want. the cigars are well stocked at the right moisturizing level and the owner is very helpful and friendly. Would recommend to others to come check it out.

majid z.,theDir
  • by majid z.
  • |
  • 16th September, 2020

How did this Tobacco served you in Toronto ?

Excellent customer service and a great selection of perfectly stored cigars. Super friendly staff who will spend the time to help you pick out what your looking for. Trae the owner is very passionate and knowledgeable about his cigars. He knows the story, details, and background of every cigar in his store and is more than glad to share that information with you. A truly pleasurable experience 🙂

Taimaa J.,theDir
  • by Taimaa J.
  • |
  • 16th December, 2020

What could you say about Tobacco services provided in Toronto ?

I don’t usually write reviews to any place but this place has OUTSTANDING customer’s service, super nice, super cooperative and helpful. They fix any problem right away, super understanding, great choices. I ordered a gift for my friend and they delivered it with great package. Honestly, never received such great customer service and care.

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