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What are CPR Cell Phone Repair Etobicoke 's services in Etobicoke ?

Bring your broken electronics back to life with CPR! Cell Phone Repair Etobicoke, ON fixes iPhones, laptops, tablets, game systems, Macs, PCs, MP3 players and more.

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Cam M.,theDir
  • by Cam M.
  • |
  • 3rd September, 2020

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Great service staff. The team at CPR are excellent and understanding your issues and providing friendly and efficient support solutions. Highly recommend them for any cell phone or laptop issues.

Chun H.,theDir
  • by Chun H.
  • |
  • 18th October, 2020

What do you think about Phone Repair services provided in Etobicoke ?

Great experience at the CPR cell phone repair shop. Very friendly, super helpful. Got my phone working again after a few minutes. My thanks to the staff here.

Jose D.,theDir
  • by Jose D.
  • |
  • 18th November, 2020

Did you like your visit with this Phone Repair in Etobicoke ?

Good quick work. Price was great and the repair was done in a timely manner. Great job.

Marko B.,theDir
  • by Marko B.
  • |
  • 12th December, 2020

How did this Phone Repair served you in Etobicoke ?

Brought my son's laptop for repair....only to have them wipe out everything with new Windows version and making laptop even more slow and with fan noise that we also reported...on suggestion to replace the fan they said it is not worth it... it is difficult to replace it and it is expensive...and they are in repair business wow...I know CPR is sending this to their subcontractors but they should re-evaluate what quality they are providing to them and ultimately to the customer...I am not going to even give them a second chance to explain or give them green light to charge me even more second time around for the repair that should have been done right (or refused if not possible) in the first place to customer satisfaction...we did take our phones there for repair and were happy with the service...as for laptop repairs I would definitely look somewhere else...don't waste your money on the laptop repairs here... Joe I appreciate your feedback, however I am not sure that fan was cleaned because it made the noise once brought home ...after watching few online videos I cleaned the fan myself and lubricated it and there isn't noise anymore and the speed of software improved...if you guys did the same thing or even suggested to replace the fan I would sacrifice another day of not having the laptop. Laptop is 3 years old and has i7 processor so to claim that it is not worth fixing it I don't agree with that statement...I just want you to realize how frustrating this might be for customers since we had nothing but good experience with cell phone repairs and expected same level of service for the laptop that we didn't get and therefore frustration...you simply chose the simplest solution hoping it will work and unfortunately for you it didn't...the way I see it you should've provide customer with all options and let customer choose which option is the best for them. In this case there were three options Option 1. update the windows Option 2. update windows and clean and lubricate the fan and Option 3. update windows and replace the fan...we only got Option 1...please take this as a constructive criticism to further improve business that I am pretty sure you work hard to build it

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