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Amanda S.,theDir
  • by Amanda S.
  • |
  • 17th February, 2019

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I just would like to say if you could give 1million stars I would!!! What an incredible experience. After trying for hours to find a pharmacy that could have my daughters medication in stock I finally found Clairlea Pharmacy. I will say Ali and his wife are they most kindest and amazing pharmacists EVER.. they stayed in their pharmacy after hours to fill my daughters prescription. And it was a weekend. I didn’t have to wait until a business day, I didn’t have to wait for anything. they ordered the medication that she needed and compounded it for me less than 24hours. I’m forever grateful to Ali and his wife for this. And not only did they do this for me, four days later they contacted me to see how she was doing with the medication. now this is the kind of people/pharmacist we need in the world. people who actually CARE. Pharmacist who follow up. thank you Ali and your wife for your care and your kindness it’s well appreciated.

  • by Daniel
  • |
  • 24th January, 2020

What do you think about Pharmacy services provided in Scarborough ?

love this pharmacy, the staff is nice and knowledgeable! They have taken customer service to the next level 😊 Thank you for being there

Jjrjie J.,theDir
  • by Jjrjie J.
  • |
  • 3rd September, 2020

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The best pharmacy I have ever dealt with Sara and her husband are amazing caring none judgmental pharmacy i have ever had the pleasure too go to. highly recommended! thank you for your Amazing Service.

Mary L.,theDir
  • by Mary L.
  • |
  • 10th August, 2020

How did this Pharmacy served you in Scarborough ?

I went into this pharmacy for the first time just over a week ago. I had been using a prescription for 10 weeks for a horribly painful situation. The medicine was not working. I had a new prescription from the doctor. Pharmacist Sara said she could create something more effective for me. She got approval from my doctor and made her own formulation for me. They are also a compound pharmacy! Within 3 days I started to get relief, and within 7 days I was virtually pain free. After suffering terribly for 10 weeks! It felt like she had created a miracle for me. I was so relieved that I had tears of joy. I never, ever got this type of treatment from the big box pharmacy that I had gone to for decades. I will be transferring all of my needs here. I would recommend one hundred million percent! Thank you Sara and Ali-the best pharmacy duo ever!

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