Mary Ward Child Care Centre

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What are Mary Ward Child Care Centre 's services in Scarborough ?

A Great Place to Encourage: Caring, Curiosity, Discover, Learning

What do you think about Mary Ward Child Care Centre (Scarborough) ?

Anne C.,theDir
  • by Anne C.
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  • 7th November, 2017

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I love this daycare! My daughter has been attended since she was 1.5year old. My son has been attended also when he was 9 months old. Previously, before my daughter attended another daycare in the west end. she kept getting sick. My husband and I were in and out of Sick Kids hospital for really bad colds to the point she had pneumonia twice. I’m glad we moved and decided to move her daycare. When we transfered her to Mary Ward she was no longer getting sick as frequently as she did at the other daycare. A dramatic change I must say!. The staff at Mary Ward took care of my kids. They also have an in-house kitchen and a cook on hand. Cooking fresh meals for your kids! My children are currently 10 years and 7 years old. I plan to take my youngest there. When I feel shes ready. Thank you Mary Ward for your hospitality.

Marisha J.,theDir
  • by Marisha J.
  • |
  • 22nd March, 2019

What do you think about Mary Ward Child Care Centre a Day care center services provided in Scarborough ?

I love Mary ward my daughter has been going there for the past 1 year (started 1yr old-2yr) the care love atmosphere everything wonderful it's been a blessing having her attend oldest went to dAycare also a different one they were good but this beats all..thank you everyone

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