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Quels sont les services de 180 Smoke Vape Store à Hamilton ?


Que pensez-vous de 180 Smoke Vape Store (Hamilton) ?

Clayton V.,theDir
  • par Clayton V.
  • |
  • 17th June, 2020

Recommandez-vous 180 Smoke Vape Store ce Vaporisateur à Hamilton ?

Great staff and very helpful. My old vape shop never had any stock so I decided to give these suppliers a chance and never been disappointed. Especially with their handling of merchandise during quarantine. Would definitely come back.

Libby F.,theDir
  • par Libby F.
  • |
  • 13th October, 2020

Que pensez-vous des services de 180 Smoke Vape Store ce Vaporisateur à Hamilton ?

I for one am quite grateful that plague rats who ''can't wear a mask'' are served outside the store - it's not like there's much of a reason one MUST be inside anyway as anything you would want to see can be seen online. If you have health issues then you stay home and order from the website. The employee working there was cheerful and quite polite and I'll gladly continue shopping here indefinitely. :)

Michelle D.,theDir
  • par Michelle D.
  • |
  • 31st October, 2020

Avez-vous aimé votre visite de 180 Smoke Vape Store ce Vaporisateur à Hamilton ?

Love the Staff here especially Sydney and Brianna. They are amazing and sexy to boot. They have amazing skills to work with people. They are a people person. They really know their stuff. I am a newbie to the Vaping World and I will never use another Vape Store ever then this one that's in Hamilton on Concession Street. It's an amazing Store. You couldn't ask for a better Store for all your Vaping needs. The staff are very knowledgeable. The Staff are super friendly and it makes you feel more comfortable to buy Vaping Products there. I just love this store and the staff that are there. Awesome bunch of staff here.

Monique S.,theDir
  • par Monique S.
  • |
  • 24th September, 2020

Comment 180 Smoke Vape Store ce Vaporisateur vous à servi à Hamilton ?

It was a very good experience store was clean and tidy young lady was very knowledgeable and helpful I will definitely visit the store again

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