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What are Royal Veterinary Hospital 's services in Waterdown ?

Royal Veterinary Hospital is excited to offer you the highest quality service your pets. Contact us at 905-689-2000 if you're ready to make an appointment.

What do you think about Royal Veterinary Hospital (Waterdown) ?

Michael D.,theDir
  • by Michael D.
  • |
  • 15th July, 2020

Will you recommend Royal Veterinary Hospital in Waterdown ?

We went here with our family dog, they were very very nice to deal with and I can't thank the staff enough. We ultimately had to euthanize our dog unfortunately due to a severe health issue but the staff was amazing and really compassionate. Come here for any of your after hours emergency veterinary needs!

Monique S.,theDir
  • by Monique S.
  • |
  • 21st July, 2020

What do you think about Veterinary services provided by Royal Veterinary Hospital in Waterdown ?

I wanna thank you for the service for my pet. As far as Faiez Arshad comment I happen to be in the parking lot over hearing the staff offer you options for your Parrott and you said No to and your Parrott went and sat in your hot car for 30 minutes or more.. car was not running... waiting for someone that was shopping. Sorry for your loss

sarah S.,theDir
  • by sarah S.
  • |
  • 23rd April, 2020

Did you like your visit with Royal Veterinary Hospital in Waterdown ?

My brother and sister kittens needed emergency spay and neuter during COVID. Royal Veterinary Hospital came to our rescue two weeks ago. Being a new cat mom, the staff educated post-surgery care which was extremely helpful and reassuring. They also took extra steps to ensure the health for everyone, at this time. Fox and Grizzly have resumed regular kitten living without complication.

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