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What are Kraftsmen Furniture Co 's services in St. Catharines ?


What do you think about Kraftsmen Furniture Co (St. Catharines) ?

Alexa A.,theDir
  • by Alexa A.
  • |
  • 7th December, 2020

Will you recommend Kraftsmen Furniture Co a Furniture in St. Catharines ?

I absolutely love my counter height chairs. They are very sturdy and the quality is great. They also came way earlier than expected. Thanks!!

Browni B.,theDir
  • by Browni B.
  • |
  • 8th December, 2020

What do you think about Kraftsmen Furniture Co a Furniture services provided in St. Catharines ?

Wow! This chair is gorgeous and appears to be great quality for the price!! The only thing I’m not thrilled about are the brass legs. In fairness, the description does say brass legs, but all the pictures are silver. Otherwise, very true to the pictures. Ordered online and received within 1 week.

Jocelyn S.,theDir
  • by Jocelyn S.
  • |
  • 20th November, 2020

Did you like your visit with Kraftsmen Furniture Co a Furniture in St. Catharines ?

Ordered the Christo Chaise on they're website, Very good quality. Very sturdy and heavy. Easy to assemble. I assembled it alone although would’ve been better with two people. Perfect for a small space.

Marshall B.,theDir
  • by Marshall B.
  • |
  • 4th March, 2021

How did Kraftsmen Furniture Co this Furniture served you in St. Catharines ?

Bought the table, love the look. Glass and wooden legs are solid, but the plastic fake metal spacers for between the halves are cheap and fall apart. Send pictures to the company by Facebook and Email, left on read and never got a response. Would have gladly paid for replacements. 3D Printed my own instead.

Romeo D.,theDir
  • by Romeo D.
  • |
  • 8th December, 2020

What could you say about Furniture services provided in St. Catharines by Kraftsmen Furniture Co ?

These are so pretty and modern. The metal is more gold than brass but not super bright gold which is what I prefer. The chairs are very comfortable. I don’t have children but they have been easy to spot clean so far. To be honest, I don’t use them a lot so I’m not sure how they would hold up in a heavy use household but they work for me. I had a positive experience with returning a chair (I ordered 4 originally but only wanted 3 for my space). I did have to take it to a FedEx store which I’m lucky to own an SUV or that would’ve been a challenge. They fully assembled in the box which was nice. I would recommend them to non children households (at least the white version) other colors may be better for children. Just clean it the second it dirties and you should be fine. I’ve gotten dirt and food on them and it has come right out.

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