Institut de Beaute Or

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What are Institut de Beaute Or 's services in Dorval ?

Best Spa located in Dorval(West Island).Great location,an individual professional approach, guaranteed results,a wide range of services. Massage West Island Spa West Island Massage Dorval Hair Salon West Island Nail Salon West Island Pedicure West Island

What do you think about Institut de Beaute Or (Dorval) ?

Alina N.,theDir
  • by Alina N.
  • |
  • 11th February, 2020

Will you recommend Institut de Beaute Or a Spa in Dorval ?

Very clean place. Very professional and nice stuff. It's been few years I have been using their services. Thank you guys.

cecilia c.,theDir
  • by cecilia c.
  • |
  • 9th October, 2019

What do you think about Institut de Beaute Or a Spa services provided in Dorval ?

First time been there with massage, it is way much better than the massage i got from scandinivian in mont tremblant. this is best

Flex R.,theDir
  • by Flex R.
  • |
  • 26th October, 2019

Did you like your visit with Institut de Beaute Or a Spa in Dorval ?

This place is so beautiful and well managed. I considered our couples massage to be very affordable considering how luxurious the whole experience was.

Zari S.,theDir
  • by Zari S.
  • |
  • 19th December, 2019

How did Institut de Beaute Or this Spa served you in Dorval ?

Highly recommended to anyone who wants to get rid of the body hair with absolutely painless lasers! I got amazing results just after the 3rd session ! Tnx alot Olga

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