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A B.,theDir
  • par A B.
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  • 18th July, 2020

Recommandez-vous Blatter & Blatter Inc ce Tabac à Montréal ?

These guys are honest, know their product, fair prices and great selection. Very professional. Been to all the cigar shops in the city and this remains my favorite.

Jeff B.,theDir
  • par Jeff B.
  • |
  • 10th August, 2019

Que pensez-vous des services de Blatter & Blatter Inc ce Tabac à Montréal ?

Outstanding service!!!! It's been 6 years since I smoked a cigar due to quitting cigarettes. Now that I can control the cravings I want to smoke for the flavor as a opposed to the addiction. So I went in yesterday with hardly any knowledge and 6 year old references of the cigars I knew from back in the day. They steered me away from the Cubans and opted for a different type as it was a lighter tobacco and would be much more enjoyable having not smoked for so long. Needless to say I was loving life last night. These guys aren't just in it for the money. They have a passion for what they do and want to share it with their customers. I will definitely be heading back after the weekend is over to thank them and make a few more purchases.

Keith B.,theDir
  • par Keith B.
  • |
  • 18th April, 2019

Avez-vous aimé votre visite de Blatter & Blatter Inc ce Tabac à Montréal ?

I don't smoke, but stopped in to buy some cigars for a friend. They were super helpful, explained the different options, and helped me find what I was looking for. When I paid, he asked if I was flying and when I said yes he put my cigars in a box so they would not get damaged in my luggage. Excellent service.

Patrick A.,theDir
  • par Patrick A.
  • |
  • 17th December, 2019

Comment Blatter & Blatter Inc ce Tabac vous à servi à Montréal ?

The prices are growing faster than the time. Still a good Montreal family business.

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