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What are Ottawa Home Care 's services in Ottawa ?


What do you think about Ottawa Home Care (Ottawa) ?

Anony M.,theDir
  • by Anony M.
  • |
  • 28th December, 2019

Will you recommend Ottawa Home Care a Home help service in Ottawa ?

Called to get information for a loved one who is not doing well. Spoke with staff member who gave me all the information I needed and then made the decision to move forward. I was able to have care for the time frame I needed and they are very flexible with scheduling. All in all this is a wonderful place with professional and caring individuals. Would Recommend!!!

Gord G.,theDir
  • by Gord G.
  • |
  • 17th December, 2020

What do you think about Ottawa Home Care a Home help service services provided in Ottawa ?

Ottawa Home Care has been providing tremendous support and care for a family member for some time now. Recently, our family member ended up in hospital resulting in the need to reset the care and coordination among care providers. Marie (OHC) did an absolutely fabulous job of advocating and navigating for us to ensure proper care was in place to support transition back at home. These have been challenging times for our frontline care workers and to experience the high level of leadership, energy and commitment the care team at OHC keeps delivering is inspiring. Thank you to Marie and team - you are making a very real and significant difference for our family!

Isar A.,theDir
  • by Isar A.
  • |
  • 18th January, 2020

Did you like your visit with Ottawa Home Care a Home help service in Ottawa ?

Having respectful and helpful staff as well as a caring Director of Care, Ottawa Home Care is a leading agency in home care services in Ottawa. I have been receiving their nursing services for my elderly parents since 2016 and have never faced any problems with them as all the nurses and PSWs provided so far have proved to be professional and well-trained. Besides, 24-hour support is available, which is a real advantage for clients.

Sami V.,theDir
  • by Sami V.
  • |
  • 27th October, 2019

How did Ottawa Home Care this Home help service served you in Ottawa ?

Ottawa Home Care is a good place to start as a new grad to gain nursing experience and leadership skills. Shifts are always available and staffing is flexible with your schedule. Options to work in various long term care homes or home care. Drivers are available for working out of town/paid for mileage if you drive. Would recommend if you enjoy working in long term care/home care, working in different environments, or new grads who are looking for a job out of nursing school.

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