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What are Sunnyvale Medical Centre & Pharmacy 's services in Brampton ?


What do you think about Sunnyvale Medical Centre & Pharmacy (Brampton) ?

Garima S.,theDir
  • by Garima S.
  • |
  • 27th August, 2020

Will you recommend Sunnyvale Medical Centre & Pharmacy a Doctor in Brampton ?

Dr. Sehgal is a great and a very thorough doctor. I am really glad that we found her. She has always been super helpful securing specialist appointments etc. and asks many questions before prescribing anything. We are very impressed.

Han B.,theDir
  • by Han B.
  • |
  • 4th July, 2020

What do you think about Sunnyvale Medical Centre & Pharmacy a Doctor services provided in Brampton ?

Had a great experience here, highly recommend. Very professional and clean.

Pamela E.,theDir
  • by Pamela E.
  • |
  • 5th November, 2020

Did you like your visit with Sunnyvale Medical Centre & Pharmacy a Doctor in Brampton ?

I have been Dr. Sehgal's patient for almost 3 years. My previous doctor retired and I wanted a female physician for personal reasons. I think she's a great physician because she established a great patient-physician relationship right from the beginning, she listens and doesn't dismiss your concerns, she's very thorough in investigations, works at the local hospital and advocates for you. She also makes get recommendations for local support services. I have been pleased with all her recommendations. The only thing thats slightly annoying is sometimes it's hard to get an appointment for an immediate assessment-but that's understable with the growing demands of the Brampton population. I recommend her because I trust her, I feel I'm actually heard and involved in making decisions over my own health. It's also holistic patient-centred care which is amazing, and why I hope she doesn't retire anytime soon!

Rajbir B.,theDir
  • by Rajbir B.
  • |
  • 19th October, 2020

How did Sunnyvale Medical Centre & Pharmacy this Doctor served you in Brampton ?

Dr Sehgal has been my family doctor for over 3 years now. She is very knowledgeable and always goes the extra mile for her patients. I am blessed to have found her when I moved from another city!

Upinder K.,theDir
  • by Upinder K.
  • |
  • 1st March, 2021

What could you say about Doctor services provided in Brampton by Sunnyvale Medical Centre & Pharmacy ?

Dr Alia khAn is the best doctor. Really appreciate her efforts. She is very knowledgeable and detailed about her treatment and never rush out. She takes her time to listen to the patients calmly and makes you comfortable. My 2 year old son loves her. I'm glad I saw her today almost after 2 years and it was great experience as always. Thank you so much Dr. Alia

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