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What are The Home Depot 's services in Burlington ?

Your local Home Depot store offers flooring & plumbing supplies, bathroom vanities, hardwood flooring, appliances, patio furniture, kitchen cabinets, snow blowers & more!

What do you think about The Home Depot (Burlington) ?

Jennifer D.,theDir
  • by Jennifer D.
  • |
  • 28th March, 2021

Will you recommend The Home Depot a Furniture in Burlington ?

They were clean and well stocked. The gentleman that assisted me in lumber went over my project with me and cut all my lumber to my specifications. The paint department was great in assisting me with what clear coat would work the best on my outdoor project. I’d definitely go back again.

O. S.,theDir
  • by O. S.
  • |
  • 17th April, 2021

What do you think about The Home Depot a Furniture services provided in Burlington ?

The place is well organized and clean, staff is helpful and friendly. The website is easy to use, and actual stock levels match what is shown online. Prices for the items I wanted were better than at Lowe's or Rona. 2021 Update: Last year, as the pandemic hit, Home Depot was the leader in curbside pickup service, with a well-run SMS based system. This year, the place is a disaster zone, with customers waiting over an hour to pick up their order, and endless wait for the Customer Service phone line. Part of the problem may be customers abusing the no-minimum-purchase free pickup policy. You see employees rushing around the parking lot to deliver a one-quart bottle of engine oil or a $5 piece of piping. Tacking a small fee to small orders will solve this problem. And of course, with customers getting frustrated, they keep pestering employees, which makes things even slower. Some customers openly defy pandemic regulations, and sneak into the store from the employee-only doors. No one is there to enforce policies. Yes, prices are still better than at Lowe's or Rona. But if your time and nerves are worth anything, it's a raw deal.

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