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What are Full Cycle 's services in Ottawa ?


What do you think about Full Cycle (Ottawa) ?

Andrea F.,theDir
  • by Andrea F.
  • |
  • 24th February, 2021

Will you recommend Full Cycle a Bicycle Shop in Ottawa ?

A big shout out to Ed! Not only was the online service quick and easy he was able to help me identify what I needed and what products he recommended. Shipment was fast too! my order arrived within 2 days. Thank you Full-cycle!

Lee R.,theDir
  • by Lee R.
  • |
  • 23rd March, 2021

What do you think about Full Cycle a Bicycle Shop services provided in Ottawa ?

UPDATE. My original rating was 1 star but as you can see below the owner responded right away and also contacted me by email. I am pleased to hear that my experience has been a lesson learned and feel confident other customers will not have the same issues. Extreme Disappointment. I just wanted to share a warning for everyone. I am sure many of you are dealing with extreme frustration when it comes to trying to buy a bike. Many places are sold out. A friend of mine recommended Full Cycle. He bought a bike from them and was extremely satisfied. So I started searching their website. I found a bike I would like. Said it was out of stock so I decided to use their chat. I found that option very convenient. The agent was helpful. Recommended a bike that was available. I asked which location could I go see it. He mentioned the St Laurent location. I immediately rushed over as I knew my window of opportunity could quickly disappear with the current shortage. When I got to the location I was told that unfortunately the bike was not yet put together. First issue: That information would have been helpful before I drove all the way over there. Not all was lost, I thought. The employee said he could request it be put together so I could some back and see it. He would take my name down and message me when it was ready. I was so happy to be in the queue. He even mentioned it was not necessary to put a deposit. I could pay for it when I came back if I wanted it. Four days go by and so I decided to give them a call to see how close I was to being at the top of the list. No answer so I thought, ok let's try the chat box again. After a few minutes of searching the agent comes back and says my bike was sold. Of course I asked how that was possible, my name was on the list to see it. He said they don't hold bikes for anyone and if someone buys it online then they assemble it for them and they get it. Second issue: How was I supposed to know that was possible. Having my name put on a list made me believe that bike was on hold for me. He even said I did not even need to put a deposit. I thought this was excellent customer service. Clearly I was prepared to buy a bike right then and there and so if the person at the store told me ''just so you know, if someone buys the bike online before we have a chance to put it together and let you see it, they get it'' then I would have told him to just charge me for the bike right then and there. I am sure they would have issued me a refund if when I did get to see it and it wasn't the right size for me. I am sure they could have sold it again within seconds. So I am not sure what the point of that list was so WARNING to everyone told you're on this list. It actually does not mean anything. Very very frustrated. The agent on the chat then offered me another bike that was $100 more, I asked if he would honor the price of the other bike that was sold to someone else and he said they were not offering discounts with the current shortage. Basically telling me fixing a wrong and a satisfied customer was not necessary with this worldwide bike shortage. I am prepared to change this review if Full Cycle tries to correct this wrong. -Lee

NSTA S.,theDir
  • by NSTA S.
  • |
  • 11th March, 2021

Did you like your visit with Full Cycle a Bicycle Shop in Ottawa ?

Courteous, patient, professional, knowledgeable, fair pricing, quality product. We are VERY happy with our experience and our purchase. Will absolutely return for future business!!!

Virginie C.,theDir
  • by Virginie C.
  • |
  • 28th April, 2021

How did Full Cycle this Bicycle Shop served you in Ottawa ?

I had a problem with my hydrolic seat post and my brakes needed a little TLC. I had gone to another bike shop at first and they told me the problem was too complicated for them to handle. However the team at Full Cycle went the second mile to fix up my mountain bike and tune it just right! They communicated very well through email and phone calls throughout the whole process too! Full Cycle definitely gets my vote of confidence!

Vladimir M.,theDir
  • by Vladimir M.
  • |
  • 5th February, 2021

What could you say about Bicycle Shop services provided in Ottawa by Full Cycle ?

I was buying bike parts from this site. Very friendly and good service. Communication was fast via emails or chat. Shipping was extremely fast. Very happy with their service, will buy again with confidence. I recommend this store A+++

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