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What are Club Phoenix Fitness 's services in Victoria ?

Club Phoenix is a gym that offers a variety of exercise equipment, group classes and personal training services to help you meet your health and fitness goals.

What do you think about Club Phoenix Fitness (Victoria) ?

Honest F.,theDir
  • by Honest F.
  • |
  • 10th January, 2021

Will you recommend Club Phoenix Fitness a Gym in Victoria ?

This gym has great equipment that offers lots of variety but the atmosphere is less about working out and more like singles night considering it is supposed to be a ''bodybuilders gym''. The lack of dress code leads this place to be more of a strip club and people will follow you around if they want to get your attention. As well the 75-90 min workout policy (not mandatory by BC government) makes it hard to lift heavy as by the time your done warming up and finish deadlifting or squatting your getting kicked out. I was under the impression that this was an old school gym with a variety of machines and understands that bodybuilding takes time but apparently not. Not everyone wants to do crossfit and do a couple push ups and hand stands and call it a day.

Marky P.,theDir
  • by Marky P.
  • |
  • 1st May, 2021

What do you think about Club Phoenix Fitness a Gym services provided in Victoria ?

Parking is a bit of a problem but the gym is decent. If I lived in Langford, I would consider becoming a member.

  • by Paul
  • |
  • 19th March, 2021

Did you like your visit with Club Phoenix Fitness a Gym in Victoria ?

I've been going to this gym for roughly five years and love it. The equipment is great, and they're steadily bringing in new gear/repairing old gear. I absolutely love the atmosphere in there and always feel at home while training. I am military which means I have free access to military gyms, so the fact I am happy to pay for a membership at Phoenix says everything about my experience there. They have managed the Covid-19 challenges as well as can be expected, and the restrictions have not significantly impinged upon my training. If I have one complaint about the property it would be the parking situation, but there is nothing they can do about it and there is plenty of parking across the street. Best gym I've ever been a member of.

Tarpan R.,theDir
  • by Tarpan R.
  • |
  • 13th April, 2021

How did Club Phoenix Fitness this Gym served you in Victoria ?

Great gym with a huge variety of equipment for whatever your fitness goals are. Very inclusive and staff is informative and friendly. They have done an awesome job to stay open and follow the COVID-19 protocols and provincial guidelines.

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