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What are Anytime Fitness 's services in Victoria ?


What do you think about Anytime Fitness (Victoria) ?

Ako R.,theDir
  • by Ako R.
  • |
  • 12th November, 2020

Will you recommend Anytime Fitness a Gym in Victoria ?

The place is meticulously clean and the staff are friendly and awesome. Many unprofessional and inconsiderate members tho. Some dudes just think they own a table or piece of equipment and never leave it so others can also use it. I find it frustrating really sometimes.

Chris S.,theDir
  • by Chris S.
  • |
  • 20th August, 2020

What do you think about Anytime Fitness a Gym services provided in Victoria ?

Signed up about a month and a half ago and been a regular since. Very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Equipment is new and good quality. The staff do an exceptional job of keeping the place spotless. Very happy with the personal training they offer and lots of options for group classes as well. The fees are very reasonable compared to other gyms in Victoria and I'm definitely getting my money's worth. Highly recommended!

Cory M.,theDir
  • by Cory M.
  • |
  • 21st April, 2021

Did you like your visit with Anytime Fitness a Gym in Victoria ?

Have been a member of Anytime Fitness for over 3 years and find the equipment top notch, the staff are incredible. They are very polite and always smiling, they make the gym fun to go to. I enjoy seeing the same people going and it is a very positive relaxed atmosphere. By far the best gym I have been to. Would totally recommend joining

Daman M.,theDir
  • by Daman M.
  • |
  • 18th September, 2020

How did Anytime Fitness this Gym served you in Victoria ?

Great facility and has all the equipment a person needs. Designated section for more functional training as well as a studio area. 2 power racks and a deadlifting platform! All of the power racks and cable machines also have pull-up bars. Lots of equipment and lots of space.

Lora L.,theDir
  • by Lora L.
  • |
  • 14th July, 2020

What could you say about Gym services provided in Victoria by Anytime Fitness ?

I love that Anytime has so many locations. There was an issue at my home gym today so I merely popped over to the next location without skipping a beat. All the locations have a good supply of equipment, they're very clean and the staff have always been helpful. The best part for me is the 24/7 access that fits with my schedule.

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