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What are Fortis Fitness 's services in Toronto ?

Fortis Fitness is Leslieville Toronto's leading gym for fitness & personal training. 9,000 sq ft of serious strength training facility.

What do you think about Fortis Fitness (Toronto) ?

James B.,theDir
  • by James B.
  • |
  • 20th September, 2020

Will you recommend Fortis Fitness a Gym in Toronto ?

Great gym for serious lifters. If you are fed up waiting for a squat rack at hoodlife while some dude is resting for 5 minutes in between his bicep curl sets in there, or if you ever had a gym staff harass you for breathing loudly while deadlifting or for using chalk, I highly recommend this place. Fortis got tons of lifting platforms, squat rack, advanced equipment and no nonsense attitude. Equipment here is kinda banged up and dirty at times but that jusy adds on to the rugged atmosphere in my view. Plus, the 24 hour access was a major draw for me because I have been working out late to avoid the crowd and any chance of exposure to the coronavirus. When I go around 10pm, there are about 4 to 5 folks there and it's easy to maintain that social distance. think parking is a bit limited here during peak hours but that maybe because of all the construction along carlaw. Overall, I am very happy with this gym!

Nicholas O.,theDir
  • by Nicholas O.
  • |
  • 2nd August, 2020

What do you think about Fortis Fitness a Gym services provided in Toronto ?

Definitely one of my favourite gyms. Have all the equipment you need and then some. Great atmosphere, great people and great music. The perfect gym for anyone just getting into lifting or have been lifting for years.

Simeon S.,theDir
  • by Simeon S.
  • |
  • 13th July, 2020

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Best strength-focused gym in Toronto. Amazing community and quality equipment whether for weightlifting, powerlifting or strongman. Trainers are all very knowledgable and helpful.

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