Omnibus Tax & Accounting Services Inc.

  • Toronto, ON
Chartered Professional Accountants To Help You With Tax Burdens And Financial Planning That Are Becoming Increasingly Complex. Call Now! 416-698-2255

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Rosemarie B.,theDir
Rosemarie B.
Nice, fast income tax done with professional experience
Shirajul B.,theDir
Shirajul B.
Excellent service, professional. Very aware of the customer. The best customer service ever. 😊
Smart S.,theDir
Smart S.
Well done.
Ahmed H.,theDir
Ahmed H.
Very professional accountants. Will definitely be dealing with Tom and Rita again :).
Jahleel K.,theDir
Jahleel K.
Honest, professional, and informative. Tom has been nothing but helpful in organizing my taxes dating back several years.
M. K.,theDir
M. K.
Tom and Rita were very helpful. Tom answered all of our questions promptly and his work was thorough.
Gavin W.,theDir
Gavin W.
Lalitha (and LP Tax & Accounting) provide incredible service, clear communication and have always been welcoming and friendly. I went to them in 2019 to get assistance with a tax issue, and in our first meeting, Lalitha was able to get answers that I struggled to find in the prev...
London T.,theDir
London T.
Great experience, knowledgeable and fast, will be coming back for sure.
Norm L.,theDir
Norm L.
I've been going to Lalitha for 4 years now, and get awesome results every time. This woman is awesome.

Global Taxation & Accounting Service Inc.

  • Toronto, ON
Global Taxation & Accounting Service Inc. | Income Tax & Bookkeeping Services | 1468 Victoria Park Ave Suite 119

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Mina H.,theDir
Mina H.
The best accounting firm in Toronto! I have never met such professional and diverse people. They have outstanding experience and pretty much deal with all tax related issues that you may have. I've recommened several of my friends and family, and everyone has been more than satis...
Mr. Jeesow is the friendliest tax agent I know. I've been using him ever since I started working as a young lad in 1998. He's a good source of information if you have any issues or concerns. I highly recommend him.

BTS Accounting & Tax Services ( Toronto)

  • Scarborough, ON
BTS Accounting and Tax Services offers Tax preparation, Accounting, Bookkeeping; complete Payroll, Pay Stub & T4 services in Canada. Call (416) 646-9055 today!

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Aicha S.,theDir
Aicha S.
I love supporting small businesses run by good hard-working people. I have been doing my tax at BTS Accounting for 6 years and counting. I switched from HR Block and never looked back. With BTS Accounting I get quicker service, cheaper fees, and the highest return every time. Th...
Kyle M.,theDir
Kyle M.
Ram and his team provided an excellent service. The new location is very welcoming and BIG with lots of parking spots. Team is very friendly and easy going. I have filed my taxes with many others in the past, but Ram is the best, he took his time to explain the stlituation well. ...
Logagowry K.,theDir
Logagowry K.
One of the best accounting and tax service providers within the Scarborough region. Great service at reasonable cost. Friendly environment and easy to approach. Thileep is an excellent financial advisor and reliable person. He and his team put extraordinary effort for the best ou...
Megan T.,theDir
Megan T.
Makes sure customer is satisfied and very efficient. One of the best accounting services out there!
Rus K.,theDir
Rus K.
Strong CPA in Scarborough for accounting, corporate and personal taxes. Business registration done in 3 days, fast!
Munisa G.,theDir
Munisa G.
Very professional accounting services and gets the job done in no time. I highly recommend to everyone!
Gabriel C.,theDir
Gabriel C.
Friendly staff, they explain everything really clear. They keep record of your taxes in a professional way. They offer services for business too.
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