Végiard, Bergevin Comptables Professionnels Agréés (CPA) | Longueuil

  • Longueuil, QC
Un des meilleurs cabinets de comptables à Longueuil

  • 4.9
  • 14 notes
Claude G.,theDir
Claude G.
I am very satisfied with the work and services received from Gestion Chantal Végiard Inc. Dedicated, accessible and open staff. Professionalism guaranteed. I highly recommend Gestion Chantal Végiard inc. in Taxation and Accounting. They will drive you where you want to go.
Claudia R.,theDir
Claudia R.
Super service! Chantal is dynamic and she takes the record of her customers really to heart. She is very available, listening. Accounting seems much easier when Chantal is part of our life! I recommend her servies without hesitation!
Geneviève B.,theDir
Geneviève B.
I highly recommend Mario Bergevin. Professional and competent, he also takes the time to explain you well, which is much appreciated!
Caroline G.,theDir
Caroline G.
Excellent service and professionalism! Highly recommend.
Eric D.,theDir
Eric D.
Excellent service. Would highly recommend!
Stefanie L.,theDir
Stefanie L.
Highly recommend!

Angelo Marinaro, CPA Inc.

  • Montréal, QC

Phone: +1 514-881-0213
  • 3.7
  • 6 notes
alice l.,theDir
alice l.
Best people in the entire world. I will never go anywhere else. Friends for life. Super friendly. My accountant is Nancy Lortie and she introduced me to all the money the govt. owed me as a single Mom since birth. I am eternally grateful.
Patrick D.,theDir
Patrick D.
Great service, very patient people.
will b.,theDir
will b.
Trusted and efficient professionals. I go then 4 years and I have nothing to say about their work!

Ugo Cloutier, CPA

  • Montréal, QC
Conseil et Expertise Comptable

  • 5
  • 2 notes
A. L.,theDir
A. L.
Great service and very satisfied. Comes highly recommended and I highly recommend him.
Patricia S.,theDir
Patricia S.
Très professionnel. Ponctuel et homme de parole.

Ralph Engel C.P.A, C.A.

  • Montréal, QC

Phone: +1 514-488-6161
  • 5
  • 3 notes
Kevin C.,theDir
Kevin C.
Ralph Engel is an excellent accountant and a helpful, courteous professional. I recommend him .
Sam M.,theDir
Sam M.
Devoted service
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