Fit Factory Fitness

  • Toronto, ON
Voted best Gym / Bootcamp in Toronto by BlogTO. Offering 300+ fun, unique and challenging classes a month. Join today to get in the best shape of your life!

  • 4.7
  • 420 ratings
Caroline K.,theDir
Caroline K.
The classes really get your heart rate up. Classes are always different and challenging if you work and give it your all. I’ve done a few classes so far and really enjoy every instructor thus far. One of the best sweats I’ve had in a long long time! Also a very good communi...
Kathy X.,theDir
Kathy X.
Fit fitness has been a great way for me to get back into my workout routine. The coaches have been nice and when you tell them you’re new, they provide more guidance on the circuits. I would recommend if you are new at working out to go pick a spot closer to where the instructo...
Katie M.,theDir
Katie M.
I joined Fit Factory Fitness after a break of six months from the gym due to COVID-19. I was really nervous starting a gym routine again but I was quickly reassured that I could go at my own pace throughout the classes, select my own weights and gradually build up my strength an...

Fortis Fitness

  • Toronto, ON
Fortis Fitness is Leslieville Toronto's leading gym for fitness & personal training. 9,000 sq ft of serious strength training facility.

  • 4.7
  • 151 ratings
James B.,theDir
James B.
Great gym for serious lifters. If you are fed up waiting for a squat rack at hoodlife while some dude is resting for 5 minutes in between his bicep curl sets in there, or if you ever had a gym staff harass you for breathing loudly while deadlifting or for using chalk, I highly re...
Nicholas O.,theDir
Nicholas O.
Definitely one of my favourite gyms. Have all the equipment you need and then some. Great atmosphere, great people and great music. The perfect gym for anyone just getting into lifting or have been lifting for years.
Simeon S.,theDir
Simeon S.
Best strength-focused gym in Toronto. Amazing community and quality equipment whether for weightlifting, powerlifting or strongman. Trainers are all very knowledgable and helpful.
Elliott B.,theDir
Elliott B.
Came to this place after our great pandemic Summer. Was in some serious need of a gym. This place is perfect. It is definitely designed with the more serious work out in mind. They have every machine and free wight/bar you could want. It is a simple place with no space wasted. Th...
Maya K.,theDir
Maya K.
This gym and the community they have created is amazing. Even prior to Covid-19, the gym was always super clean and very well maintained. The team they have assembled are warm and friendly, and greet you by name as you enter. They have a lot of equipment, and lots of machines. Th...
Peter T.,theDir
Peter T.
In the heart of the Cosmopolitan and Diverse Downtown Toronto, it lays there a sanctuary : Body&Soul fitness on Front Street.Extremely professional yet very discreet and welcoming staff . Sheldon the Club Manager is always there to welcoming you with a wonderful smile and proacti...


  • Toronto, ON

  • 3
  • 6 ratings
I play volleyball here xD

Anytime Fitness Toronto Stockyards

  • Toronto, ON
Welcome to your neighborhood 24 hour gym in Toronto! Whether you're a beginner or a fitness regular, we'll help you get to a healthier place.

  • 4.2
  • 257 ratings
Michael S.,theDir
Michael S.
I highly recommend this gym as when I came in to sign up Vanessa helped me get signed up and showed me the whole gym and explained everything you need to know about the gym, all the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable, also the gym is very clean compared to other gyms I been...
Sabrina M.,theDir
Sabrina M.
great gym! the gym is very clean, I notice that when I have come in here there is always someone cleaning the gym and making sure that everything is sanitized. Customer service is great, Vanessa is always super helpful when I come in here. When I have a question or call the gym w...
Stephanie T.,theDir
Stephanie T.
Enjoyed going to the gym today, was immediately greeted at the door by vanessa and was glad to walk into a very clean gym especially with covid. Keep up the good work.


  • North York, ON
Looking for a high quality, cheap gym in North York? join Fit4Less at 235-700 Lawrence Ave W in North York, ON. Your favourite facilities at an affordable price.

  • 3.3
  • 249 ratings
Amy N.,theDir
Amy N.
Employees work really hard to ensure the place is cleaned during the Covid time. However, most of people at the gym don't wear masks or the only cover their chins with the mask. I caught some people don't clean before and after using the equipments. It's disgusting even the pande...
Chingiz i.,theDir
Chingiz i.
Thanks Patrick and Scott. Those guys helped me a lot today. Be safe
Pawan K.,theDir
Pawan K.
It is 24 hours open. Great products, reasonable price and very courteous staff.
Kathleen G.,theDir
Kathleen G.
Mike is amazing. I have seriously bad knees and just had scoped on left knee in May 2019. Mike has been a blessing. He has shown me how to work the muscles around the knee safely so I can become much more stronger and more mobile. Now i workout and i can still walk around afterwa...
M S.,theDir
M S.
Great atmosphere, always comfortable place to work out doesn't matter what shape your in! Mike always there to answer questions and give you tips. Old school gym but kept pretty clean. Good bang for the buck.
Mamá 2.,theDir
Mamá 2.
My favorite gym and excellent people


  • East York, ON

  • 5
  • 27 ratings
Jose A.,theDir
Jose A.
Excellent gym! Greg is very nice and it does take care of his clients. Very nice community.
Kevin k.,theDir
Kevin k.
Greg is the man. The Strength BOX is awesome, his approach is fun and inviting, and his vacations are insanely educational on everything from body, food, history, travel. etc. I highly recommend his trips to Greece with Travels By Nature. My wife and I went and it was by far ou...
Melanie W.,theDir
Melanie W.
StrengthBox is AMAZING! Greg and all of his staff are incredibly gifted athletes, coaches and people. Having undergone some complicated hip surgeries years ago, I waded carefully back into the group fitness routine. It turns out Strengthbox was exactly what I needed: challenging ...
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