Siscoe Gym

  • Montréal, QC

  • 4.6
  • 134 notes
Jess Z.,theDir
Jess Z.
I’ve been to many gyms until I finally found Siscoe gym! David and all of his trainers are very knowledgeable! Unlike other gyms I have tried in the past, the trainers here never hesitate to help you and give you advice, even if you haven’t asked any and they see you do somet...
Julhamid P.,theDir
Julhamid P.
Great gym. Not your typical equipment filled gym only. Its a real deal gym where the aim of the instructor is to guide the client in achieving the goal and learn the real essence of health and fitness. Workouts are always great and challenging and David and the rest of the instru...
Kiefer T.,theDir
Kiefer T.
I honestly recommend this gym specially with the 6 weeks challenge program which I was at first skeptical. Although, immediately after the first week with the program and support they offered I was already confident about succeeding the challenge. I highly recommend going through...

Gym Le Vestiaire

  • Montréal, QC
Le Vestiaire c’est à la fois ton gym, ta communauté , ton endroit pour te divertir et ton espace social chaleureux voué à ton bavardage quotidien. Nous démocratisons et rendons accessible l'entraînement

  • 4.8
  • 57 notes
Carl L.,theDir
Carl L.
Always amazing! Best gym in town in my opinion! The coaches are amazing and patient, they respect the Covid with flying colours and they still give you a great coaching with all the measure in place. 3 huge platforms to train on with lots of equipment and you'll sweat your life o...
Great place, awesome people!
Tom S.,theDir
Tom S.
This place is what CrossFit is all about. Impossible to have anything but an amazing experience. The team is awesome, programming is solid, community is very welcoming.
Gerry C.,theDir
Gerry C.
love the set up at this gym and it is not overcrowded. I avoid the peek times.
Peter P.,theDir
Peter P.
Great gym and always super clean . Love the machines and the staff is like family now . Good job guys .
Raffi N.,theDir
Raffi N.
Fantastic environment, with personalized service and client care. If you live in TMR, or any of the adjacent Burroughs or even commute through Mount Royal, i strongly recommend becoming a member.

Chau Fitness

  • Outremont, QC
Strength and Conditioning Gym for Athletes.

  • 5
  • 19 notes
Ashley H.,theDir
Ashley H.
I love the welcoming atmosphere Chau has created in his gym! He has a wide range of clients, from high performance athletes, students, and office workers. He is very knowledgable and works WITH clients to reach their goals. The equipment in his gym are well maintained and of high...
Caroline H.,theDir
Caroline H.
love the gym. excellent coach too!
Christian B.,theDir
Christian B.
Chau Fitness is a great gym with all the necessary equipment and more. The trainer knows how to adjust the workout to fit your needs and capabilities. He also teaches you how to perform exercises correctly to avoid injuries and corrects your form until you get it right! I highly ...

Pro Gym

  • Montréal, QC
Au Pro Gym Montréal, tu as toujours le choix et tu as accès à tout ! Cardio, musculation, cours de groupe, boxe, entraînement fonctionnel et bien plus!

  • 4.5
  • 671 notes
Calorie 2.,theDir
Calorie 2.
Biggest gym I have ever been to! You will never have to wait for a bench, treadmill or a machine. Some of the equipment is old thats because whenever something is replaced they keep the old equipment cause they have the space for that. Their cafeteria is pretty decent, not sure h...
David D.,theDir
David D.
Amazing gym huge , great trainers and never packed . Love it
Francois R.,theDir
Francois R.
Huge gym! I never waited for a bench press or a square rack


  • Montréal, QC
Éconofitness Montréal - Centre-Ville (Forum de Montréal/Atwater). Voir les détails du gym et l’horaire des cours en groupe sur écran géant. Nous comptons près de 65 gyms au Québec! Abonnez-vous

  • 3.4
  • 405 notes

Atlantis Gym

  • Laval, QC
Depuis 1986, Atlantis est un lieu culte à la réalisation de vos objectifs. Au fil des années, l’évolution des techniques d’entrainement s’est reflétée dans l’environnement toujours dynamiqu

  • 4.4
  • 240 notes
Chris S.,theDir
Chris S.
Great facilities and extras. Would be nice if they offered a larger VIP area.
Gerry C.,theDir
Gerry C.
I had a 3 month stay in Laval and went to Atlantis, it's a great gym. Lots of space, and machines, well ventilated, and plenty of parking. It's just an easy place to work out.
Iman C.,theDir
Iman C.
Clean, quiet big, lots of machines, well distanciated
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