Club Phoenix Fitness

  • Victoria, BC
Club Phoenix is a gym that offers a variety of exercise equipment, group classes and personal training services to help you meet your health and fitness goals.

  • 4.4
  • 95 ratings
Marky P.,theDir
Marky P.
Parking is a bit of a problem but the gym is decent. If I lived in Langford, I would consider becoming a member.
I've been going to this gym for roughly five years and love it. The equipment is great, and they're steadily bringing in new gear/repairing old gear. I absolutely love the atmosphere in there and always feel at home while training. I am military which means I have free access to...
Tarpan R.,theDir
Tarpan R.
Great gym with a huge variety of equipment for whatever your fitness goals are. Very inclusive and staff is informative and friendly. They have done an awesome job to stay open and follow the COVID-19 protocols and provincial guidelines.
Annette R.,theDir
Annette R.
So impressed with this place! I did not get a chance to interact with the staff in person with my odd hours, however, by email they were very helpful and quick to answer any of my questions. During the pandemic I have been very impressed with the reservation system, the cleanline...
Daylin L.,theDir
Daylin L.
Absolutely great atmosphere and staff. Great place to work out and get healthy. Easily accessible with 24 hour access. Always clean and sanitized. Glad I moved to this gym .
Luke M.,theDir
Luke M.
Despite having to wear a mask due to covid protocols (obviously) this is a wonderful place to workout. You can book up to 2 days ahead and the time slots are 75min each so more than enough to bust out a good workout. Good friendly atmosphere too

Victoria Barbell Club inc

  • Victoria, BC
Home page of Victoria Barbell club inc. Home of the best and strongest equipment for powerlifting, weightlifting, and more.

  • 4.9
  • 21 ratings
Jason B.,theDir
Jason B.
Reasonable drop in fee and a great place to lift in terms of both equipment and atmosphere.
Jon D.,theDir
Jon D.
Always a pleasant experience!
Julia S.,theDir
Julia S.
Clean. Little hard to find. Well laid out. Personal training with Giulio La Fauci is top notch.

Fitness World

  • Victoria, BC
Fitness World is a gym for everyone. With convenient locations and low-cost memberships, we’re committed to being BC’s best gym.

  • 3.4
  • 269 ratings
Jordan O.,theDir
Jordan O.
Been going for about 2 months now. Sarah was my trainer for a few weeks and she was awesome! The staff are nice and the people working out are usually pretty friendly too.
Lyle J.,theDir
Lyle J.
Great staff, excellent facility. Staff do their best with the current capacity limits. One suggestion would be to add a capacity counter to the Victoria website. Capacity is 125 (I believe) and a ticker on the site updated every 15 minutes or so would be very help so the line ups...
Nicole P.,theDir
Nicole P.
This gym has been such a great experience. Awesome, responsive and energetic staff. The equipment is in great shape and covid protocols are in place. The best part of the whole thing has been working with Colin as a personal trainer. He really understands body mechanics, movemen...
Edward M.,theDir
Edward M.
Fantastic staff, super friendly 👏 I always enjoy working out at Tillicum Center. The gym is clean and users follow safe practices during Covid-19. I love that most of the time they have someone available to help customers.
Jorden B.,theDir
Jorden B.
Awesome staff, very accommodating, clean, great to see friends as well. Only complaint would be some of the hyper paranoid patrons in regards to Covid Guidelines. If you can handle the odd ''covid lecture'' from middle aged individuals. This gym is great.
Nicholas D.,theDir
Nicholas D.
I am very satisfied with Anytime fitness Tillicum centre in Victoria. Best shape i have ever been in. The club is clean, professional and accessible. Lots of services available if you want them.

GoodLife Fitness Victoria Bay Centre

  • Victoria, BC
Find all the information you need about this gym, including address, hours, amenities, and class schedule. Log in to register for a class.

  • 3.9
  • 126 ratings
Alice E.,theDir
Alice E.
Great place for a workout. Staff are awesome. All safety precautions in place to make your workout safe.
Christina P.,theDir
Christina P.
Lots of great machines to use and space they even have a tanning bed would be great if they were 24 hours or at least open later on weekends
Lance S.,theDir
Lance S.
Spacious gym. Large variety of equipment. I hope they increase the weekend hours.

Body Dynamics 24-Hour Fitness

  • Victoria, BC

Phone: +1 250-386-2000
  • 4.5
  • 84 ratings
Eva M.,theDir
Eva M.
The most supportive environment I've ever seen for a gym. Great variety of classes and the instructors are truly there to help you along your fitness journey. Fully equipped gym that has almost everything you'd need to meet your goals.
Harry T.,theDir
Harry T.
Competitive pricing (super good) and a gym thats open 24/7 ♥️
Jonathan D.,theDir
Jonathan D.
I love how we work the whole body and get stronger each time we go.Nice location,near the city.I will definitely be back here!
Chelsea H.,theDir
Chelsea H.
Everyone is so friendly. And the barre classes are awesome!
Hannah B.,theDir
Hannah B.
Honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in a group fitness environment! The staff are so welcoming and friendly and encouraging. If you’re looking for a fun place to try a spin class, go here! It’ll be the best 1 hour of your day.
Lindsay M.,theDir
Lindsay M.
The only place that makes me excited to workout at 6am. Everyone is always so friendly and welcoming, the leaders will kick your butt, all while keeping you smiling and motivated through the entire class. Can't say enough about it, Annex is my favourite place to start the day!
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