James O.,theDir
James O.
Professional Service.
Very clean and tidy, machines in primo excellent condition, nice relaxed atmosphere, very friendly, mindful staff who are helpful, many kinds of laundry supplies are sold at the counter for really good prices. Machines are very well priced, was very happy and satisfied with my ex...
Mister S.,theDir
Mister S.
Cheap prices great washing

Lavoir St-Jacques

  • Montréal, QC
Laundromat with laundry service in St-Henri district of Montreal

  • 4.6
  • 22 notes
Al A.,theDir
Al A.
Super nice staff. Love their vibe.
Karen F.,theDir
Karen F.
Excellent service, the lady working there is so sweet
Larissa L.,theDir
Larissa L.
Delicious food at affordable prices. Super cute decor
- X.,theDir
- X.
I've never been to a laundromat that had an attendant present at all times, so that's fantastic. It's very clean and the attendants are helpful if you need it. Honestly I wouldn't chance it at another laundromat. That said, I have been turned away for showing up at 7pm, even thou...
Antoine K.,theDir
Antoine K.
Very nice facilities. The staff were helpful.
Brandon B.,theDir
Brandon B.
Extremely clean and friendly operators. Definately the best in the area, drove from Brossard to come here.

Buanderie du Parc (Laundromat)

  • Montréal, QC

Phone: +1 514-903-4352
  • 4.6
  • 113 notes
Adrian O.,theDir
Adrian O.
The best place for an excellent cleaning service. The person in charge was super nice and even let us finish our drying although the store was closing. I recommend it 100%
Don E.,theDir
Don E.
Loved this place. A vibrant community facility. Very friendly and efficient. Highly recommended, if just to meet some locals. Change available. Comfy waiting area.
Jason M.,theDir
Jason M.
Fantastic service. Great staff. Great value-for-money. Had all our clothes cleaned and ready for pick-up in about two hours. Messaged us to let us know it was ready for collection and stayed open until we arrived. They were recommended to us by the IC and are much (much!) cheaper...

Buanderie Albert

  • Montréal, QC

Phone: +1 514-932-2330
  • 3.1
  • 99 notes
Alex P.,theDir
Alex P.
Me and my girlfriend came with a very expensive blouse with a stain on it and the people there got the stain out no problem. I just want to thanks them for their good work and great service! People are super polite and everything was done out of respect! Thank you very much guys!
Alicia G.,theDir
Alicia G.
Very nice place to do your laundry, the staff very polite, friendly and always smiling. You could drop off your clothes and they will make for you. Excellent service and clean place.
Max M.,theDir
Max M.
I loved this place because it had a washing machine big enough to wash the slip for my second hand couch. I dont remember if i dried it there, i think i was afraid to shrink it. They do have a dryer that's just as big.

Buanderie Amherst

  • Montréal, QC

Phone: +1 514-526-4084
  • 3.9
  • 80 notes
gemini c.,theDir
gemini c.
This place is great, clean and is attended by 2 guys. They are very helpful. Washing powder and change are available on site. Highly recommend this place. Reasonable prices, not expensive at all.
George C.,theDir
George C.
Arrived at the laundromat and found the management helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend this establishment . There are chairs and tables to relax and excellent coffee in close proximity. Montreal excels at friendly excellent service . It’s inexpensive and perfect for...
Paul B.,theDir
Paul B.
I don't find laundering the clothes to be a particular pleasure. But here it is as much a pleasure as it could be. The place is clean and very well-attended by two gentlemen who are most pleasant and helpful. They kept an eye on our wash and even put them in the dryer for us whil...
angie G.,theDir
angie G.
Very nice and clean laundromat. Free coffee and free breakfast! Clean washroom and friendly staff. Most of all, close to my place!Highly recommended!
Dariia D.,theDir
Dariia D.
I love this place. The owner is very friendly and attentive! Even though it is a self-service laundry, you, actually, get a service! You get greeted once you come in, get assisted by the owner. The machines look new, they are very well maintained and every now and then they clean...
David C.,theDir
David C.
This is a first rate laundromat! The machines are new and clean as are the premises. Abbas and his staff go out of their way to welcome you and provide any help or guidance that you require. Highly recommended by a most satisfied client. Well done!!!

Laundry Net Net

  • Montréal, QC

Phone: +1 514-419-8511
  • 3.2
  • 54 notes
Serena F.,theDir
Serena F.
$2.75-3.00 per washer $1 for 14 mins of dryer. Detergent vending machine and change machine here. A nice big desk with chairs to do work at or fold laundry. Machines work.
Sorina G.,theDir
Sorina G.
Really Nice owner ! The miss is really outgoing and is always there when I needed help. I go there every week and I think that the machines are better than the last place I used to go!!
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