Mike K.,theDir
Mike K.
Doctor is patient and understanding of concerns and injuries
Wind D.,theDir
Wind D.
Highly recommended! The front desk staff and doctor showed very good care to the patients. Thank you!
Anna s.,theDir
Anna s.
Dr.Mcalpine is a great doctor! He was my doctor since I was little and i now take my kids there as well. He caught my cousins heart murmur when the other Doctors said there was nothing wrong with him. 100% recommend!
JC a.,theDir
JC a.
My Dr is here and is awesome and I'm glad to have someone who works with me for so many years
Melissa M.,theDir
Melissa M.
Honestly the best place to go! I always feel like home. Very gentle and caring the only place I’d go.
Abdel H.,theDir
Abdel H.
I go in with back pain I come out feeling 10 years younger ! What a relief... I strongly recommend everyone that’s in the construction field ( your body takes a beating being physical all the time ) to go see Dr Ramadan Hochaimi. You don’t know what your missing till your out...
Buraqa h.,theDir
Buraqa h.
Dr Arif Patan,the best of the best .a doc who listen to your concerns very knowledgable ,respectful a dream son to every mother,very understanding knows his patients needs and excellent diagnostic Md.if all the Doctors were to be like Dr Patan ,no one would suffer sickness or pai...
Jess U.,theDir
Jess U.
Dr. Bibi is the most wonderful doctor - patient, kind, to the point and genuinely cares about her patients and takes the time to answer questions, listen to any concerns and make plans.

Eastgate Medical Centre

  • Edmonton, AB
Eastgate Medical Centre | Family Practice & walk-in clinic with Internal Medicine specialist on-site. We accept new patient call 780-371-1114

  • 3
  • 42 notes
Jocelyn T.,theDir
Jocelyn T.
We are recommend to the public for Dr. Adel Almighairbi. He is very professional and knowledgeable doctor that we ever had. We met him to the other clinic and when he transferred here to Eastgate Medical Clinic Me and my husband followed him for his awesome service.
Wendy S.,theDir
Wendy S.
This clinic is clean, spacious and efficient. Hehe the first doctor of the day does tend to be strolling in a little late but hey! I think I would take that liberty too. No biggy. Throughout the Covid pandemic I’ve been able to do my check-ups/check-ins over the phone and presc...

Clinic 1 Medical

  • Edmonton, AB

Phone: +1 780-761-2430
  • 4.1
  • 32 notes
J B.,theDir
J B.
The girls in the front are very helpful and polite. Both doctors in this clinic are fantastic.
Jasmin T.,theDir
Jasmin T.
Although parking is not the greatest and the wait times can sometimes be rather long, Dr. Akpede is an amazing Dr who cares and is always willing to listen and work alongside his patients for the best results!
Moaz B.,theDir
Moaz B.
Doctor Akpede is angel doctor for me. He made everything possible from impossible. So today my health so good because of him. He is they best doctor. If all the doctor be like him they want be any sick peoples in the world.

Horizon Family Practice

  • Edmonton, AB

Phone: +1 780-757-9786
  • 4.4
  • 11 notes
David B.,theDir
David B.
Great clinic! Doctor Flook is highly knowledgeable as well as able to perform a lot of minor procedures in his office that most doctors would send you to a specialist or hospital to have done. So very convenient and you feel very comfortable that it will be done properly.
ulli j.,theDir
ulli j.
Dr Shakil is a very caring and empathetic doctor. She is very thorough and has her patients' best interest in mind. The office staff is also very friendly, helpful, and accomodating. Thank you all!! Best doctor I have ever gone to!
Veronica E.,theDir
Veronica E.
Dr Robert Flook is a great doctor!

General Doctor

  • Edmonton, AB

Phone: +1 587-520-3561
  • 4.5
  • 6 notes
Sal K.,theDir
Sal K.
Dr. Hajar is the BEST doctor I have ever come across. He was recommended to me by my entire family: my mom, aunt, mother in law, etc. I have a multitude of medical issues - everything from lack of energy, thyroid, to severe allergies. I have seen a number of doctors for the last ...
yoyo g.,theDir
yoyo g.
Dr hajar is probably the best dr I've ever had

Hazeldean Medical Clinic

  • Edmonton, AB

Phone: +1 780-434-0102
  • 4.8
  • 5 notes
Kate H.,theDir
Kate H.
I recently helped a person who was very ill and had no previous personal doctor visit Dr. Ismael. He was so attentive and caring. His immediate attention to her situation meant that she was able to get the help she needed . I wish all receptionists were as helpful as his.
Medea W.,theDir
Medea W.
Dr. Der is hands down the best doctor I have ever met. He is thorough, understanding and gentle. He actually listens to his patients and takes the time to make sure they understand everything. The receptionist is super friendly too. I had an extremely sore foot and even though th...
Saigon q.,theDir
Saigon q.
Dr. Der is caring doctor. Excellent
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