Get Well Clinic, Toronto, Virtual Care Walk In

  • North York, ON
Family Doctor. Virtual Care Walk-In patients seen. 家庭医生现收新病人! Dr Kevin Lai. Accepting patients: Chiropractor and acupuncture by Dr. Gordon Lee; Counseling Psychotherapy by Rachel Ying Zeng; Fo

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  • 90 ratings
Kind and friendly front desk staff! They helped me book an appointment and was able to squeeze me in on the same day for my son's illness. Dr. Gregory was very kind, did a thorough examination and carefully explained what needed to be done. He answered all my questions with pa...
joanna j.,theDir
joanna j.
Wonderful staff, super clean, great variety and flexibility (virtual and in-person) of services.
Liz C.,theDir
Liz C.
My doctor was very kind and thorough which I appreciated. However the wait time was about an hour long even though there were only 3 people ahead of me with no appointments and I was there right when the doors opened.. UPDATE: I went back last month and I have to say that the exp...
Austeja I.,theDir
Austeja I.
Today I saw PA Angela Yee and she is an amazing professional! I wish her all the best in her last steps to become an accredited physician.
Dr Bromberg is awesome! I’ve been a patient of Dr Bromberg for two years and I’m very happy. The front desk are nice as is the pharmacist :) Thank you Enhanced Care!
Monique N.,theDir
Monique N.
My family see Dr. Yu who is the most caring, professional doctor we have ever seen. I suffer from chronic back pain. He always refers me to the best people. He also orders diagnostics as soon as needed. I have never had a long wait as I am not a difficult patient and my doctor is...

Dr. Lyndon Mascarenhas MD, CCFP

  • Toronto, ON
Specializing in Immigration Medical in Toronto for over 30 years, Dr. Lyndon Mascarenhas is a member and current President of the International Panel Physicians Association.

  • 3.9
  • 34 ratings
billie h.,theDir
billie h.
I am so surprised to see that other people had positive feedback about Dr Lyndon's staff. I do not know if I got Lilly on a very bad day, but she was extremely rude, kept speaking over me, ended up not addressing any questions. Why bother call back and not be responsive. I do not...
Juhika J.,theDir
Juhika J.
They let me in when I urgently needed to get my medical test done. Super kind and generous. They handed me the proof they’re doing my medical so I could apply for my work permit right away. I came back to them to do my urine cause I was having my monthlies at the time. So they ...
Leanne K.,theDir
Leanne K.
Very friendly and warm staff, makes you feel comfortable and welcome.

Dr Jyoti Rawat

  • North York, ON

Phone: +1 416-502-0202
  • 4.3
  • 28 ratings
Frank C.,theDir
Frank C.
My daughters (both teens) like her very much, and her husband is very good as well. As a parent, the office is well run and accommodates last minute requests so I couldn't ask for more.
Frank G.,theDir
Frank G.
Dr.Rawat has excellent patient relationship skills. She is very compassionate and caring. She also has great skills compared to other practicioners I have had in the past.
Puneet G.,theDir
Puneet G.
Dr. Jyoti Rawat is an excellent Doctor. She is very friendly, courteous and professional. Unlike other doctors, she pays full attention whenever my wife visits her and does not rush with the patients.
Puneet G.,theDir
Puneet G.
Dr. Rawat is an excellent Doctor. He is very friendly and courteous. Unlike other doctors, he gives full attention whenever I visited him and doesn't rush through patients.
Ritu V.,theDir
Ritu V.
One of the best doctors I have met. Very understanding and compassionate.
Saurabh K.,theDir
Saurabh K.
Dr. Sapan Singh Rawat (male) is our family physician and let me share with you all some of his good qualities that we observed during our visits to him. He always welcomes you with a smile and is very confident and his confidence gives us confidence to accept him as a family doc...
Bridie o.,theDir
Bridie o.
Since ever i had any interaction , With the Doctors Staff the have been so kind understanding , All of them Chinese doctors . But of course My family Doctor was Doctor Lathia And honestly she is a really caring person , To me the are all ...
Suma I.,theDir
Suma I.
Dr Wallace -The best doctor in town. Always ready to listen like a friend, very helpful and very professional
Diana F.,theDir
Diana F.
Have been seeing Dr Singer for over a decade and she is attentive and caring. The rest of the doctors and staff and are equally kind and supportive. The reception staff is also very friendly and accommodating. Would highly recommend this doctors office!
Monisa N.,theDir
Monisa N.
Have been a long time patient of Dr Ash. The new location is beautiful and there is no more waiting for an elevator!
Shona M.,theDir
Shona M.
Dr. Flora Ricciuti is a wonderful, warm doctor who actually listens--really listens--to you. She is open to other healing approaches you might be exploring on your health journey, such as naturopathy--my previous family doctor used to get very condescending about naturopaths, but...
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