Atlas Medical Clinic

  • Richmond Hill, ON
Family Doctors and Walk-in Clinic. Walk-in Clinic Open 7 Days A Week. Male and Female Doctors Available. No Appointment Needed. Call or Walk In Today.

  • 4.5
  • 115 notes
Andrew S.,theDir
Andrew S.
This isn’t a walk-in clinic - it’s a family doctors office that also takes walk-ins. That’s a major difference and it shows. At the time of writing this is a new office/facility with a small pharmacy counter built-in. The facilities are clean and well maintained and I hope...
Bhakthi H.,theDir
Bhakthi H.
Dr. Bahar is amazing. Very kind and professional. Takes time to explain everything well. Great listener. The pharmacists and the receptionists are the friendliest people ever. Highly recommend this clinic.
Jenny L.,theDir
Jenny L.
Amazing services from both front desk and doctors. Transfer of medical info was smooth and fast. Phone calls about medical records were immediate! Never had such good walk-in clinic before! Thank you so much!
Austeja I.,theDir
Austeja I.
Today I saw PA Angela Yee and she is an amazing professional! I wish her all the best in her last steps to become an accredited physician.
Dr Bromberg is awesome! I’ve been a patient of Dr Bromberg for two years and I’m very happy. The front desk are nice as is the pharmacist :) Thank you Enhanced Care!
Monique N.,theDir
Monique N.
My family see Dr. Yu who is the most caring, professional doctor we have ever seen. I suffer from chronic back pain. He always refers me to the best people. He also orders diagnostics as soon as needed. I have never had a long wait as I am not a difficult patient and my doctor is...
Caroline L.,theDir
Caroline L.
Listen patiently to the patient's condition, fully understand the needs of the patient, precisely medication and be caring. Such a good doctor as Dr. Siva in our area Markham, we are more than lucky. May Lord Bless this beautiful lady🙏🏽
Mayuran S.,theDir
Mayuran S.
Dr. Siva was open and honest about everything we asked about in our meet and greet to join the clinic. They are accepting patients so anyone looking for a GP should reach out to them. They are adding a second physician soon so their hours will extend as a clinic but Dr. Siva plan...
Mythily S.,theDir
Mythily S.
Very professional doctor and receptionist. Appointments are always on time. Very clean place.

Dr Benjamin Sameera

  • Woodbridge, ON

Phone: +1 905-303-4122
  • 4.7
  • 13 notes
Pavithira P.,theDir
Pavithira P.
Dr.Benjamin is a great doctor a human being. She is invested in her patients and always willing to above and beyond for them. She treats her patients like family. I grew up going with her as my family doctor and every time I had a rough patch she was always there and she always t...
Regina D.,theDir
Regina D.
What a great doctor of mine!!!! She takes good care of me as patient she listens! I couldn’t ask for a better doctor.
Sarah N.,theDir
Sarah N.
Dr. Benjamin has been my a family doctor for everyone in my family for over 18 years. She is the best doctor you could ask for. Treats all her patients like family.

Dr. Michael Caturay

  • Markham, ON
Markham Medical Clinic is a family practice with walk-in availablity. Our doctors are currently accepting new patients. Markham Medical Clinic is conveniently located above a Loblaws. There is free parking available and an on-site pharmacy.

  • 4.7
  • 16 notes
Chris N.,theDir
Chris N.
I've been going to Dr Caturay since I was a child and am 32 now. He has always been caring, attentive and a helluva doctor, and a great dude besides. I wish I lived closer to Markham right now as I have yet to find another Dr of his caliber.
jaleh g.,theDir
jaleh g.
Dr. Caturay is by far one of the best Doctor's i have ever dealt with. he is patient and attentive. doesn't want to rush you off. his diagnosis is bang on.
Legends M.,theDir
Legends M.
Dr.Caturay is the most understanding and down to earth doctor there is! I highly recommend him. Great staff also

Markham Medical Clinic

  • Markham, ON
Markham Medical Clinic is a family practice with walk-in availablity. Our doctors are currently accepting new patients. Markham Medical Clinic is conveniently located above a Loblaws. There is free parking available and an on-site pharmacy.

  • 3
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Cynthia H.,theDir
Cynthia H.
Negative reviews because people expect instant care....many other patients need care too so like ER first come first serve on priority basis. Most clinics anymore because they are so busy are walk-in for their roster patients only. Staff always helpful and pleasant. Boxgrove ...
Donna H.,theDir
Donna H.
I came to this walk-in clinic for the first time today and I was absolutely impressed with the service. The receptionist greeted me with a beautiful smile and gave me the usual new patient form to fill out. Then the wait time was very reasonable, roughly 20 minutes or less? (I'm ...
Mike B.,theDir
Mike B.
I've been seeing Dr. Gorman for a few years now. I am very happy with him as my doctor and the service I get. I understand there are a lot of negative reviews for different reasons, but I myself am happy they turn away random walk-ins and keep their walk-ins to actual patients. I...
Puneet G.,theDir
Puneet G.
Dr. Rawat is an excellent Doctor. He is very friendly and courteous. Unlike other doctors, he gives full attention whenever I visited him and doesn't rush through patients.
Ritu V.,theDir
Ritu V.
One of the best doctors I have met. Very understanding and compassionate.
Saurabh K.,theDir
Saurabh K.
Dr. Sapan Singh Rawat (male) is our family physician and let me share with you all some of his good qualities that we observed during our visits to him. He always welcomes you with a smile and is very confident and his confidence gives us confidence to accept him as a family doc...

Dr Jyoti Rawat

  • North York, ON

Phone: +1 416-502-0202
  • 4.3
  • 28 notes
Frank C.,theDir
Frank C.
My daughters (both teens) like her very much, and her husband is very good as well. As a parent, the office is well run and accommodates last minute requests so I couldn't ask for more.
Frank G.,theDir
Frank G.
Dr.Rawat has excellent patient relationship skills. She is very compassionate and caring. She also has great skills compared to other practicioners I have had in the past.
Puneet G.,theDir
Puneet G.
Dr. Jyoti Rawat is an excellent Doctor. She is very friendly, courteous and professional. Unlike other doctors, she pays full attention whenever my wife visits her and does not rush with the patients.
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