i came here for my skin-my doctor explained what was happening in a way that was easy to understand and i had my prescriptions in ten minutes! great clinic.
Nabeel S.,theDir
Nabeel S.
So pleased to have found this clinic. I had a terrible infection that was spreading fast and had me in a panic. It started the size of a nickel and over 4 weeks grew to cover my entire hand. Previous Dr's gave me antibiotics & creams which actually made it worse. After admitt...
Steve G.,theDir
Steve G.
I arrived at the walk in clinic at 11:00 and was the only patient in sight. The check in process was a little slow and I was shown to an examination room at 11:20 where I was examined by Dr. Espiari who was polite, friendly, and professional. He was thorough and I left with a s...

Meira Care - Your Virtual Care Clinic (Online Doctors, Health & Medicine Prescriptions)

  • Oakville, ON
See a doctor online by Virtual Medical Visit at our virtual telehealth clinic in Ontario. To book your virtual health clinic visit, call us at 877-251-0077

  • 4.3
  • 49 notes
Banujan G.,theDir
Banujan G.
Great service! I was inclined to use it because of the chat function - not a lot of platforms have this but unfortunately that system was down at the time. Nevertheless, they accommodated me last minute and the Doctor was SO NICE! He listened to my concerns, dismissed none of the...
India S.,theDir
India S.
Doctor was very knowledgable and compassionate towards my healthcare needs. Will be using again when the need arises. Thank you!
Josephine M.,theDir
Josephine M.
Honestly such a great service. The doctor that I spoke with was very patient and helpful. He emailed me my lab requisition within minutes after my call. Definitely recommend Meira Care to anyone wanting to speak with a doctor right away.

Winston Park Family Physicians

  • Oakville, ON
Welcome to Winston Park Medical Centre, a complete in-house clinic, pharmacy, sports medicine centre and medical imaging service in Mississauga and Oakville. Family Practice and Walk-In Clinic

  • 3
  • 45 notes
Ahmed D.,theDir
Ahmed D.
Dr. Shazia Adnan is one of the best doctors that I’ve ever met. She is professional, well informed, nice, and very caring person. No long waiting times.
Natalie C.,theDir
Natalie C.
Dr. Adnan is top notch medical practitioner. She is young, well informed, always researching and inquiring to make sure her diagnosis are quick and most advanced. I am a professional myself and I do have an appreciation for a true professional when I see one. I don’t wait for h...

Sheridan Medical

  • Mississauga, ON
Sheridan Medical in 1960 Dundas St W, Mississauga, ON L5K 2R9, Canada

  • 3
  • 35 notes
a z.,theDir
a z.
I've been going here for years. The only thing they might do is get an extra receptionist, because it is too busy for one person to handle all the calls. The doctors, nurse, and receptionists have always been professional and courteous, and I recommend Sheridan Medical to anyone...
Hayden J.,theDir
Hayden J.
Reception has never been an issue for me. Everytime I call and book an appointment it's a quick and easy process. I call tell them when I'm available and if they can fit me in, typically they can or they ask if I can do the next day. Reception is kind - maybe because I've know t...

Glen Erin Family Physicians

  • Mississauga, ON
Glen Erin Family Medicine Clinic is a friendly General practice doctors office accepting new patients and caring for your well being

  • 3
  • 20 notes
Bryan H.,theDir
Bryan H.
Dr. Everson is really good. Don't expect him to be your direct (psychology) therapist, but he cares, knows his limits, has good resources. He has been helpful to me. On everything else he is extremely knowledgeable and proficient, holding esteemed positions in his field. He is no...
Duane E.,theDir
Duane E.
Very thoroughly and friendly staff
Mohammed K.,theDir
Mohammed K.
Dr.Ameen is very thurough and diagnoses everything before providing perscription.
Navi K.,theDir
Navi K.
I was honestly a bit shocked and surprised to see all of the negative reviews written against Dr. Sakeenah Ameen. I have been a patient of her since she was in her Floradale office, and in order to remain a patient to a good doctor whom was understanding of my needs and condition...
Shah S.,theDir
Shah S.
There is a saying, half of your symptoms are going to go away if you have a caring, knowledgeable doctor who really cares about you and genuinely wants to help you - well she’s one of those physicians! A great GP who makes sure you get the Speciatist you deserve and quickly in ...

Vojvodich Sandra M Dr

  • Mississauga, ON

Phone: +1 905-820-8952
  • 3.6
  • 22 notes
Hiba Z.,theDir
Hiba Z.
Dr. Sandra Vojvodich was excellent with my 7 year old. We went to another Otolaryngologist who was unable to get out the stuck tube from his ear. Dr. Vojvodich was able to take it out in no time and is extremely good at dealing with kids.
John C.,theDir
John C.
I've seen Dr.Sandra Vojvodich over 3-4 times over the years she always got back to normal or referred me to a Plastic Surgeon to get my breathing restored in my nose from being broken 5-6 times from when i played hockey & from boxing and getting beat! Anyways she a wonderful Doct...
Nada H.,theDir
Nada H.
Great experience. The receptionist was friendly and easy to talk too. She was drowning in a pile of patient folders, yet still acknowledged me! The audiologist was very professional and extremely informative. Dr. Vojvodich was kind and gentle with good bedside manner and was able...

Family Care Medical Ctr

  • Mississauga, ON

Phone: +1 905-276-2700
  • 3.2
  • 25 notes
Chris F.,theDir
Chris F.
Dr. Fahim and Dr. Faltas are excellent doctors. Very knowledgeable and really want to help. I’d definitely recommend this clinic.
Jeme S.,theDir
Jeme S.
Have gone to this clinic for a long time now. I have always tried to book my appointments for when the Arabic receptionists are in. Their Asian coworkers make me feel as though I am being talked about negatively in their native tongue. Absolutely rude. This isn’t a Vietnamese n...
Rafea P.,theDir
Rafea P.
Good doctors doing their jobs right.
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