Upper Bathurst Animal Clinic

  • North York, ON
Home in North York, ON. Upper Bathurst Animal Clinic is your local Veterinarian in North York serving all of your needs. Call us today at (647) 350-6666 for an appointment.

  • 4.6
  • 234 notes
Andrew S.,theDir
Andrew S.
Amazing place. Honestly. I have been to at least 3 other vets in the area and have not received the level of service and kindness that I have got here. It is a small place so mind the having to book in advance but it really is an awesome place and extremely fairly priced!
Debra E.,theDir
Debra E.
I recently took my new cat, age 10 to the clinic and Laurel and i both had a good time. People were welcoming, and gentle and supportive and helpful. Thank you for reassuring the owner and the pet. We know we are in good and professional hands.
Heather T.,theDir
Heather T.
This is the best clinic. Dr. Eldad and the team at Upper Bathurst are amazing. They provided such high quality care for my Bernese throughout her entire life, they are so accommodating and knowledgeable. You and your pet will be in excellent hands!!

Coxwell Animal Clinic

  • East York, ON
Coxwell Animal Clinic is an animal hospital located in East York, Ontario. We offer a wide range of pet care services for dogs and cats.

  • 4.7
  • 191 notes
Carm C.,theDir
Carm C.
Caring staff who make your companion(s) feel safe and welcome... and give you sound advice.
Hania D.,theDir
Hania D.
They're so good at what they do. Took my cat for the first time and the team was so helpful and nice! The doctor was knowledgeable and amazing in her treatment. Definitely recommend 100%.
Jason S.,theDir
Jason S.
We had an issue that I communicated to the clinic. I was contacted by management and a resolution was come to very quickly. I've always been happy with Coxwell Animal Clinic and the services they provide. I'm happy to see our issue sorted out amicably. It shows they really do ca...
Aaron M.,theDir
Aaron M.
Our beagle doesn't want to go anywhere but here and we can't blame him. The staff is always so thorough and caring.
Jessie J.,theDir
Jessie J.
Was looking for a local vet for my new puppy and it's no wonder ratings were so high. From the moment I called until the visit was complete, they exceeded expectations. Vet was nothing short of excellent, thorough, insightful and helpful and staff were very warm, friendly, and th...
Katie H.,theDir
Katie H.
Not all vets are the same, I learned this over 8 years. I recommend trying another vet if you feel your pet is not a priority. We made a change in our babes care late in her life. We were under Dr. Alison's & her team's care at Davisville. We couldn't have been happier with their...
Crystal M.,theDir
Crystal M.
Took our cat for the first time today and was impressed. Super friendly staff and gentle with our cat, pretty reasonable for an entire work up, vaccines and blood panels. Dr. Nicole is friendly and will tell you like it is. Definitely going back! I now have an awesome vet close ...
I’m very happy I bring my cats here. The doctors and staff are super nice and very informative, It’s very comforting!
Nicole P.,theDir
Nicole P.
My first experience with Centre Street Animal Hospital was 5 years ago when I began my Co-op placement with them. Being behind the scenes at the clinic, I was able to see firsthand the incredible treatment and care Dr. Slome and his team provide to their patients. All of my dogs ...

VCA Canada Lawrence Veterinary Clinic

  • North York, ON
Lawrence Veterinary Clinic provides primary veterinary care for your pets. VCA is where your pet's health is our top priority and excellent service is our goal.

  • 4
  • 100 notes
Temel R.,theDir
Temel R.
Excellent Professional medical help when my cat collapsed at home..the Veterinarian and Techs were helpful.. didn't have a long wait at all.. Thank-you VCA..

Danforth Veterinary Clinic

  • East York, ON
Our Friendly & Local, East York Vet Clinic Offers Affordable Spaying, Neutering, Vaccinations, Flea & Tick Treatments, Surgery & More For Dogs & Cats!

  • 4.3
  • 92 notes
Carlos T.,theDir
Carlos T.
My 19 year old extremely loved Cat(Two Paws) was severely ill with a Virus, totally dehydrated and unresponsive, I was seen that day! He was rehydrated on the spot and given medication, fast, efficient, understanding! This is a Great Clinic!!!
Nicole M.,theDir
Nicole M.
Super friendly staff and services are reasonably priced. They're great with our cat and thorough.
Shavaun J.,theDir
Shavaun J.
I'm so happy to have found this clinic several years ago. Dr Au is excellent, and she communicates clearly and with kindness -- even when I ask probably-silly questions. (I've seen other vets over the years who were...not so good at that.) And the rest of the team are amazing, to...

McGilvray Veterinary Hospital

  • North York, ON
At McGilvray Veterinary Hospital, we dedicate ourselves to providing quality veterinary care to the pets and pet owners of the North York, ON community.

  • 4.7
  • 83 notes
Admit O.,theDir
Admit O.
We have been clients of McGilvray since I was a young girl and there is a reason we keep going back every time we have a new puppy! The team at McGilvray are amazing, attentive, responsive and professional. Now that I am married and my husband and I have our own dog there is no...
Alison D.,theDir
Alison D.
I’ve been taking my dogs to Mcgillvray veterinary clinic/hospital for almost 25 years. I’ve had three golden retrievers I’ve had a medium-size poodle mix mini size poodle mix and a cat and it doesn’t matter which animal they are always treated with the best care. Right no...
Amy W.,theDir
Amy W.
Thanks so much for Dr. Marks and the team here to save my pet mochi’s life. Mochi is our first puppy and we love him as much as a family. I have been taking him to see Dr. Marks from his first vaccine until his neuter surgery, everything was beyond my highest expectations! I co...

Seneca Animal Clinic

  • North York, ON
Seneca Animal Clinic is an animal hospital located in North York, Ontario. We offer a wide range of pet care services for cats and dogs.

  • 4.3
  • 76 notes
Ash H.,theDir
Ash H.
Fantastic team, dedicated staff, cares deeply for the patients. Provides safe covid measures.
bunsen b.,theDir
bunsen b.
Sadly, my 20 year old cat became so ill and her body could no longer be healed. Seneca Animal Clinic handled her passing over with grace and dignity. I greatly appreciated the care and professionalism shown. They wrapped Mystic in the pajama shirt and pants of mine that I had...
Julian L.,theDir
Julian L.
Good price and nice staff. Opportunity to be a bit more on time with appointments.
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