David O.,theDir
David O.
I recently visited your store at Centerpoint Mall. I had the upmost privilege of being serviced by John and I feel I must say something. I have never visited an establishment, any establishment for that matter and received the customer service and loyalty I received from John. H...
Josh K.,theDir
Josh K.
Bought a calburn here recently and was given a great purchasing experience alongside helpful tips for my vape.
Pavel Z.,theDir
Pavel Z.
The dude at the front came in half an hour late. Other than that everything went well.
Alonzo S.,theDir
Alonzo S.
Even through this pandemic purchase was still a breeze👍🏿
M.a. U.,theDir
M.a. U.
Awesome service as usual. Staff were great in helping replace the cracked plastic piece on the tank of my vape. They never have any issues answering questions and making sure to exceed expectations. Keep up the great work!
Manazir A.,theDir
Manazir A.
The staff is what which always brings me back to 180 Smoke. Ben was super helpful and assisted me in selecting the perfect adv juice for the week.
Wow. What a wonderful experience I had. Mikey was really great and professional. Thanks!
Chanthy C.,theDir
Chanthy C.
I frequent this establishment quite often on my off days to resupply and ive always had a pleasant experience. Adrian is always welcoming and very knowledgeable. The rest of the staff are also super friendly and not pushy at all; its hard to find customer service like that nowada...
I am coming here from years & staff is very friendly. Specially Adrian. If you are new to the vaping and having any doubts he will definitely help u out & clear all ur doubts


  • Scarborough, ON

  • 3.8
  • 96 notes
Ray R.,theDir
Ray R.
I've been shopping here since 2012, customer service is hit and miss but 99% good. Prices are great shipping is fast. I'm still a customer so, I recommend.
Thalia R.,theDir
Thalia R.
pretty quick service despite a line. I found the people working there to be kind and straightforward. I will be ordering from them, and visiting the store again in the future.

BGS Gift & Smoke - Head shop- Bong and Vaporizer shop

  • East York, ON
BGS Vape and Smoke - Best Head Shop + Vape Shop in Toronto - rolling papers, hand pipes, water pipes, rigs, hookah & shisha, vaporizers, e-cigarettes, e-liquids, atomizers, rda/mods and many more!

  • 3.9
  • 22 notes
Adam T.,theDir
Adam T.
I love this place they have everything and the staff is so nice and helpful. I go out of my way to go to their store. Highly recommended.
Karen N.,theDir
Karen N.
Amazing experience. Very clean store and I am very impressed with their such selections! Employee was very professional/super friendly there and seem like he knew what he was doing. I did not expect a lot when I was there and now this store is my favorite head shop in this East ...
Stephanie F.,theDir
Stephanie F.
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, store is clean fresh and bright. I love the veriety the store has to offer and would recommend anyone and everyone to this shop.


  • North York, ON

Phone: +1 416-559-6096
  • 5
  • 2 notes
Arthur P.,theDir
Arthur P.
Premium quality ejuice Excellent customer service Wai is super friendly and very knowledgeable
Echo E.,theDir
Echo E.
Finally a good vape shop in the neighbourhood...highly recommended
Carrey L.,theDir
Carrey L.
I love this place. I work & live right beside it so I Am a very frequent customer. I send my friends/anyone I know who vapes and co workers there. Nick takes great care of me and my boyfriend anytime we come in. He has a great variety of flavours and mods. Elliot is also great an...
mike d.,theDir
mike d.
Awesome people, great service.
vikram p.,theDir
vikram p.
I love this place.I send my friends/anyone I know who vapes and co workers there. They takes care of me and my friends anytime we come in. They has a great variety of flavors and mods.
Abukar H.,theDir
Abukar H.
Katarina service was excellent. I came late and the store was closed BUT she was so generous and served us and made us her FINAL Customers 5star service AMAZING
Jade R.,theDir
Jade R.
Went into the store on Saturday to purchase some coil. I had the pleasure to kick it with Kat and Justin! They were very helpful and super friendly! They know there stuff. Side note, they made me laugh from when I got in to when I left!
Julia .,theDir
Julia .
Had some difficulty with finding the right coil and pod for my smok Nord X. After a lot of unhappy online purchases trying to find the right products, called here and spoke to Katarina, went to the store in person and she was SO helpful, talked me through what u needed and restor...
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